Professional Locksmith Services

How A Professional Locksmith Can Open A Lock

Locksmiths have usually learned the ins and outs of opening every kind of lock by every kind of manufacturer. You’ll want to check their certifications to make sure they have experience opening your specific kind of lock, if it involves something more complex such as a keycard reader, or a biometric interface. But for most standard locks such as automobile locks, residential locks, and general office locks a locksmith will usually be able to open them right away.

Locksmith Services

Tools they commonly use include key extractors, lock picks, slim jims and bump keys for cars, and even tools for opening safes if you’ve forgotten the combination. Most of the time, simple small tools like lock picks can do the trick and are minimally invasive, doing the job without disrupting security systems or scratching door surfaces. Occasionally, a lock may need to be temporarily removed from a door to open it or extract a key, but can usually be reinstalled without any difficulty. If a lock is severely damaged, the locksmith may have to replace it, though if they carry the replacement lock with them installation charges may not be that high.